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Pretty in Plaid

The undoubtedly recognizable criss-crossed pattern of plaid has been woven into fashion design for centuries thanks to Scottish kilts. Now, this traditionally wool fabric has crept its way into home design, generating warm and cozy spaces. The horizontal and vertical bands are showing up on drapes, ottomans, accessories, rugs, and even the walls.

Although everyone will certainly have their own opinion on the topic, it is safe to say plaid solicits the perfect atmosphere of warmth as we approach winter.

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New Fabric of Urban Outfitters 2012 is out

This was take place a few month ago in London, the shooting was made by the talented photographer  Petra Bindel and the Stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg.

If you like colors and peaceful atmosphere, I think that you definitely fall in love of  this new collection !

Guest Writter : Peter BLEDU
Design was not exclusive to Paris, Milan and New-York so I looking around the world to discover new think every day. You can discover more about me in The Blog Déco.

Not Just a Bag of Beans: The Bean Bag Boss means Business

How many nooks and cranny’s, within your residence, scream “I’m empty!” that may not quite fit the usual selection of furniture? A bean bag chair may not come as your first thought but did you know that the bean bag has evolved beyond the simple offerings you’d find in some hippie living room?

The Bean Bag Boss is here …

Contemporary Style in a Classic Form

The classic round style of bean bags chairs had their time and place but the form has evolved into something truly contemporary that will fit nearly any décor, design, and desire.

Bean Bag Boss provides one of the best selections of bean bag styles on the web. The chairs found through the business come in two current forms: a ‘one size fits all’ 4.5’ x 5’ square and the newer ‘teardrop’ shape which gives the sitter any number of comfortable positions.

Since fabric matters when matching furniture, you’d be please to find the variety in selection which allows the bean bag chairs to fit within existing living spaces, including:

  • Nylon
  • Faux Leather
  • Metallic Polyester

From these base selections you can further add to your preferred style, when matching these comfortable, extra-large bean bag chairs into your rooms, through the different colors and patterns:

  • Dozens of solid colors
  • Patterns from dots to wild prints
  • Plaids that grab your visual attention
  • Faux leather in all the major colors
  • Lame which has a crisp, metallic look

In a traditional sense of style, the bean bag chairs offered by “The Boss” not only create a new sense of comfort but introduce a contemporary, casual style to an otherwise forgotten piece of furniture within your design collective.

Bean bags have found their way back into the lives of those that want to create a relaxed environment with a free flowing form that doesn’t come with restrictions; they’ve really become a fun way to fill up the space without creating a tacky feeling that comes from the cheap, basic design you may be used to.

The modern design and style of bean bags have opened up a new, exciting option for filling in the empty spaces of your housing areas. When purchasing these cool, fun pieces of furniture, consider your options on how it will best compliment your existing room.

The best part about a bean bag chair? You’re no longer locked down a single position; you’re able to grab and go whenever you want to add some flair and flipside to your room.

Artistic Bookcases

Most of us have experienced that dreaded corner of clutter with books stacked high and a collection of random accessories that seem to need a home. Well, a bookcase can be a simple yet eye-catching solution to this common problem. And, after a little searching, I stumbled across some rather inspiring examples.

This clever catch-all has become a wonderful piece of life-size art over the years. From the sky high to the unusually shaped, it is time we gave the bookcase some credit.


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Bold Pattern: Chevron

The inverted V-shaped pattern of the Chevron has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks used the geometric pattern on pottery and the military uses it to indicate rank or level of service. But over the past few years, the Chevron has recreated itself in the design and fashion industry. It has taken on a new energy with varying widths, courageous colors and fearless placement.

Lucky for us, there are both subtle and explosive ways to include this incredible pattern in your home. As seen in the examples below, those who are daring in the world of design grab a bright color, such as teal, and splash the Chevron across the tile on a kitchen wall. While others use a reversed gray and white execution to create a soft yet powerful dramatic floor. And for those looking to grab attention with the trend but don’t want a permanent design feature, simple accessories offer the power of the design without the commitment.

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